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Across the Pond (AtP) is an international branch of Broken Grey Wires. A global arts collective that expands the dialogue around mental health and wellness via cross disciplinary art projects.

A collaborative project between Lizz Brady and New York based curator, Adam Zucker. 


We will work with diverse visual artists and mental health communities in order to form long lasting collaborations by curating ambitious exhibitions, facilitating workshops and creating opportunities for audiences in exploration of mental health awareness.  


AtP aims to support artists who are: 


  • Living with a mental health condition

  • Exploring mental health within their practice

  • Interested in connecting with other artists on both local and international levels 

  • Making work to manage their mental health and physical and cognitive wellbeing

We want to reach more people, work with more artists and generally create a cool, radical environment to explore our mental health through art.

To continue to hit the ground running, we are asking for your help. Please visit our Crowfunder here. 

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