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This website will act as a resource of information, a place where archives of stories, essays and poetry exploring mental health and art are available.

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Steven Camden (aka Polarbear) 

Poet, writer, performer living in London, UK

My eyes look tired in this light that’s not real

strange how it can feel like times passing but not moving

day to day

like sitting on a train in the station, waiting to pull away...

Extract from: ‘If I Cover My Nose You Can’t See Me’.


Ste Kilb (aka @waspdodger)

Illustrator from Warrington, UK

"I'm two days into SSRI withdrawal, what is going on?"

More amazing, relatable illustrations about mental health on Ste's instagram @waspdodger.


Dr Jared Pappas-Kelley

A visual artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at MIMA School of Art at Teesside University.

“What is this exhaustion that saturates both leisure and work time in an era of collapse?”

A variation of this text appears in the book Solvent Form: Art and Destruction, which is available at


Lizz Brady

Artist and curator living in Manchester, UK.

‘Through exploration into emotional atrocities, my work continues to create apprehension and psychological isolation, through a repetitive pull between rejection, failure and hope.'


Adam Zucker

Art historian and curator living in Queens, New York.

'Brady’s artwork explores and assesses her experiences with anxiety, alienation, feelings of doubt, rejection, and the audacity of hope.' 

Nicholas Rys    

Writer and musician living in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

'It’s not so much that anything is possible in Ballard’s America as it is a world where everything is of equal value; a statement reflected in our contemporary internet 2.0 world where one can view a mass school shooting, an ISIS beheading and basketball highlights all on the same Twitter feed.'

Dr Alec Grant

Reader in Narrative Mental Health, School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton




‘Taking the narrative lead for others can be politically effective and is a choice that is both ethical and pragmatic in mobilizing survivor self-determination.’

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