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Jochen Gerz, To Call until Exhaustion, 1972/1996, video still © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022 for Jochen Gerz

Bill Viola, Man with His Soul, 2013. Colour high-definition video diptych. Photo: Kira Perov © Bill Viola Studio 

Two Plus Two Makes Four curated by Broken Grey Wires, creates a space for audiences to catch their breath and explore the mental health crisis through an ambitious and challenging project.


Two Plus Two Makes Four features work from leading artists, including Bill Viola, Pipilotti Rist, Gillian Wearing and Martin Creed, and the late American, DIY artist Daniel Johnston. The show features work on paper, neon, photography, interactive installation, and video.  


The work exhibited in Two Plus Two Makes Four is rooted in the lived experience of mental illness. It spans sombre, joyful, and explores the raw politics of mental illness.  


The project encourages interaction and conversation with a Mad Manual Toolkit to use in the gallery, and The Comfort Zone, a dedicated chillout area where visitors are invited to relax and reflect on the show and its themes.   


The Mad Manual Toolkit aims to inspire people to engage more substantially with Two Plus Two Makes Four, encouraging communities to connect more deeply with the artwork and to experience the art in a new and more liberating manner.  


Broken Grey Wires breaks down societal stigmas and promotes art as a facilitator for recovery, however recovery manifests for the individual.   


Through our personal understanding of mental ill health, Broken Grey Wires creates spaces for people to experience madness in a radical and ambitious, yet safe environment. 





Vito Acconci

Gina Birch

Lizz Brady

Connor Clements

Thomson + Craighead

Martin Creed

Tim Etchells

Luke Fowler

Jochen Gerz

Kirsty Harris

Daniel Johnston

Tsoku Maela

Pipilotti Rist

Kier Cooke Sandvik

Gillian Wearing

Joseph Whitmore

Oliver Ventress

Bill Viola



Curated by Lizz Brady

DATES: Thursday 16th February 2023 – Friday 24th March 2023

VENUE: The Auxiliary, 31 Station St, Middlesbrough TS1 1SR


Thank you to people who supported Two Plus Two Makes Four through our past Crowdfunder.

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Supported by Arts Council England

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