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Jack McConnell

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be?

That’s a tough question! I just recently re-watched ‘It’s a wonderful life’ and after seeing George Baileys wish fulfilled of never being born and the detrimental effects it has on loved ones lives I’m feeling cautious to change anything!


If aliens came to Earth tomorrow, how would you describe your work to them?

I’d say they are open letters to all extra-terrestrials and can be traded for a ride to their home dimension.

What is your preferred medium and why?

I love using brush and ink, acrylics and drawing digitally on the computer. Anything that is bold and flat. Recently I’ve been creating paintings that are then edited with Photoshop, I’m enjoying pushing the contrast really high and using the colour replacement tool to play around with colour possibilities.









What is your work about?

My work and designs usually emerge from my journals, which I keep as a sort of visual diary. Instead of using words I draw pictures and symbolically encode the scenes as a way to make the things I’m saying less explicit to someone who happens to pick up and flick through the sketchbooks. Although what I’m thinking may not be obviously seen at first, I believe that the emotions and feelings can be taken away after a reading.


What inspires you most ?

I find people very inspiring, friends and family but also chance conversation with a stranger. I love hearing peoples stories and points of view. These perspectives hang in my mind and then I like to draw parallels to other seemingly unrelated ideas.

How did you get involved in BGW?

I met Lizz Brady through a mutual friend and instantly became interested in her ideas and views about mental health. A Gouche painting I had done was then featured in the ‘Simpsons On Pause’ zine in 2015.






Whats your favourite thing about BGW?

I love BGW’s for simply opening up the conversation about mental health. Silence and the consequential building up of thoughts and feelings contributes to create larger obstacles. Regardless of the depth mental health issues, we all have certain thoughts or aspects of ourselves we keep hidden. Frank and honest conversations are a necessity but due to their nature a proper and respectful environment is needed, and I believe BGW’s is carefully handling that!

Thank you Jack, great to chat! Bid on his work here!

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