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Kirsty Harris

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be? 


I would reverse climate change, like mother nature the magician (not that we deserve her magic) 


My reason being that it feels there is so much suffering already happening and about to happen due to this.


Hard to choose though there are 10million things that need changing!


If aliens came to Earth tomorrow, how would you describe your work to them? 


There are colours trapped down in the earth, we dig them up and grind them into powder and mix that with oil. Splash it on some flax in a “certain way” to look like something the world has created. But actually we created it to destroy ourselves. In short, we’re all dicks on this planet, I’d head off back if I were you.


















Charlie, Oil on linen, 112"x69", 2017.                                                                                                    Waiting (still from short film) Single channel projection on continous loop, 2015.

Is painting your preferred medium? If so, why?


It has a special place in my heart, I’ve just finished a big one and I can’t wait to do another but, I also love finding new media to explore like cyanotypes, silverpoint drawing, creating audio pieces and instructional artworks. I like painting in bleach at the moment as I have to work so quickly.


I hate it when paint conquers me and won’t do what I want when actually I should learn to accept it more often and not fight too much.


What's the main difference between painting large scale, and painting small scale?


Studio Space


If I had unlimited space they would be gigantic


I used to paint miniatures though and never thought this would happen.


I’d like to be sat on a forklift painting high in the sky if I could!


What are your paintings about?


The decisive moment, a meditation on a split second. That split second iconically representing our race to self destruction. The beauty and awe of the landscape, the dust, the glow, the force of the explosion. The myths surrounding characters in this masterplan to kill ourselves off. The fight for survival. We’ve shown ourselves THE END.




















First Lightning, Oil on linen with steel pole, 56x45x4cm, 2017.


What inspires you the most ?


The feeing of creating makes me feel good, it makes me go to the studio like a buzz I suppose. Anxiety can take over otherwise and although it takes some sacrifice (and can come with it’s own set of anxieties) it is somehow worth it all. You have to let knocks ride over your head straight away, the best thing to learn. Don’t dwell. Artists I admire are painters like Borremans, Doig, and Dumas while an installation I experienced of Annette Messager will never leave my memory as will one by Mike Nelson. Having said all that if I could play art collector and have any work of art it would be a painting by Gauguin.


How did you get involved in BGW?


A friend of mine Paul Stanley said someone in Manchester was looking for DJs who were artists to play at a launch event. It was on my birthday and so Henrietta Armstrong and me though it would be a nice adventure. Then of course it turned out to be you Lizz. We’ve been the firmest of friends ever since, how could we not?


Whats your favourite thing about BGW?


It opens up dialogue about mental health and encourages people to create. Better out than in!

Thank you Kirsty, lovely chatting to you! 

You can bid on her Paradise Lost print here

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