February 15th 2020

Our new zine is now on sale, and you can purchase yours from here. Over 50 pages in full colour, showing illustration, poetry, video stills, painting and installation.

You also have the opportunity to purchase some original art work by the amazing British artist Stuart Semple.

'Losing My Religion'

Edition of 150

3 colour screen-print. Printed on Somerset Tub Sized 410 gsm paper. (Produced by Jealous, London.)

50 x 50 cm (19.7 x 19.7 in)

Signed and numbered by the artist.


View and bid for this artwork here!

NEWS - September 16th 2019

Hello! It is Monday morning, 6am. Here is a little update of all the things going on in the Broken Grey Wires world. 

We have an open call for the next art zine, you can find more details about it here, including submission information. You can submit art, illustration, poetry, stories, essays, photography, video...im excited to see how you respond to the theme of mental health!

We also have a crowdfunder LIVE...which you can find here. Thanks to all the support so far, please keep sharing widely and donating if you can. All the funds raised will go towards the next Broken Grey Wires exhibition at the Auxiliary in 2020. 

Which leads me onto the announcement for the next show. You can find participating artists if you click here, I am really excited to be working with everyone, and i hope you are all excited to see the work. 

Lastly, I am opening up the archive again, I have approached a number of artists/thinkers/writers to create something to add to the already great essays we have. These new pieces should be coming soon, so keep an eye out. In the mean time, you can read essays by Dr Alec Grant and Nicholas Rys by clicking here.

Phew...lots to say this morning!! Hope you can all join in with the opportunities and as ever, if you want to talk, drop me an email. 

Peace x

September 5th 2019


I am really proud to announce the next group of artists working with Broken Grey Wires. 

Vito Acconci

Lizz Brady 

Dennis Cooper

Thomson + Craighead  

Tim Etchells

Luke Fowler

Jochen Gerz  

Kirsty Harris 

George Maciunas + Shigeko Kubota 

Sadé Mica 

Pipilotti Rist

Kier Cooke Sandvik

Gillian Wearing

Here is a short announcement video for you to enjoy!!

* C O M I N G   S O O N *

 G L A S G O W 2018  

Join us at Stereo for a night of live music. All in response to mental health.

Richard Dawson

David Thomas Broughton

Sweaty Palms

Dead Houses

Buy your tickets here...