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DIY: 2020 – Pins & Needles Scratch Films

Broken Grey Wires and PROFORMA present Pins & Needles, a showcase of six short films by artists:


Selina Bonelli, Kevante Cash, Zack McGuinnes, Rowan Pritchard, Elli Siora and Poor Mother. 

The project took place online as part of DIY 2020 in partnership with HOME and Live Art Development Agency. The purpose of the project was to provide new skills for artists and explore the model of collaborative practice through Live Art and Film.

Pins & Needles is inspired by the Scratch Video movement of creating lo-fi and spontaneous short films as a way of documenting overlooked elements of society and subvert notions of the artform. Using this method of making and through workshops by Bobby Baker and Rachel Rowan Olive, the six artists have created work exploring mental health and queer culture.

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