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Is it radical to crave a safe space to experience mental illness?


In 2015 after a period of mental health crisis, I founded and developed Broken Grey Wires, (BGW) an organisation working alongside communities to build lasting relationships with audiences, in a vital step towards curing our institution and aiding recovery from the inside.


This will be the fourth art zine that BGW has developed, and the second zine which is taking submissions.


STOP SHAKING. ULL SPILL THE GRAVY ’ will explore experimental, ambitious spaces to understand madness. This could be a physical space, or the space on your page.


The zine will be part of the next BGW exhibition on Teesside (at The Auxiliary) in 2023.


We accept all art forms, including poetry and other writing.

Zine will be - Size A5 and full colour

Submission guidelines:


Submit one piece of work - £5


Submit two pieces of work - £8


Please use the PayPal link on BGW website to pay submission fee


Email –


Clearly title the email (STOP SHAKING. ULL SPILL THE GRAVY  submission)


Include a few sentences about the work or idea you have, alongside high-quality images of the work.


Deadline – fourth July 2022


Outcome of submission – by first August 2022



Submission costs will go towards the printing of the zine – all artists included in the publication, will get one zine free before they go on sale

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